Test of Faith

It was the Brotherhood's turn to pick a scenario (we alternate). To try and get into the character of House Cawdor a little more, the Brotherhood opted for the Test of Faith scenario. Having added two Redemptionists to the gang, the Brotherhood of Movarth deigned that they earn themselves a name amongst the brethren. The… Continue reading Test of Faith


Forgotten Riches

Both gangs head out into the abandoned tunnels of the Underhive in search of discarded loot crates. With a veritable bounty of wealth at their finger-tips, the fighting is expected to be spiteful and bloody. The Board... The Scenario... Scattered around the gaming board are 5 loot crates, which act as movable objective markers. The… Continue reading Forgotten Riches

Takeover Phase

We move into the Takeover Phase of Dominion. So far the Orphans of Kos have had an uphill battle since their disastrous first game, having lost 3 of their gangers permanently and having another captured. A failed rescue attempt and even more casualties meant that the Orphans of Kos had to make an alliance with… Continue reading Takeover Phase

Pit Fight!

This scenario is the last of the Occupation Phase in our Dominion campaign so we thought we'd try something a little bit odd. In the current 2018 rulebook there's a Pit Fight scenario designed for multiple gang leaders to duke it out and gain honour (and infamy) in the Underhive. We modified it a little… Continue reading Pit Fight!

Cawdor Rescue

Disaster has finally struck the Brotherhood of Movarth; their leader Madanach has been captured! And worse still, who's to say that he hasn't been selected by the Delaque for their nefarious experiments? A successful rescue here is paramount for them, lest Madanach be lost forever to the machinations of the Star Chamber. The Board... The… Continue reading Cawdor Rescue

Border Dispute

The gangs attempted a parley which quickly dissolved and turned sour, erupting into a savage firefight. In this scenario, both gangs are attempting to inflict as many casualties as possible to their opponent. To add insult to injury, the gangs are also attempting to defile a relic owned by their enemy, found deep in their… Continue reading Border Dispute


Battle 1 of the Dominion Campaign kicked off as we randomly rolled to play the Stand-off scenario. In this mission, both gangs are looking to flex their muscles and inflict as many casualties on their enemy as possible, whilst using this opportunity to gain both experience and a hefty bounty of credits at the end.… Continue reading Stand-Off


My friend and I are playing the Dominion campaign from the current Necromunda rulebook (2018). Normally this sort of campaign is played with a few different players and an arbitrator, however we're playing just the two of us, so we're gonna go smaller scale and take up arbitration between us both. Starting Gangs Brotherhood of… Continue reading Dominion